Calaita Flamenco Son are Seville born flamenco singer Chico Pere, UK based guitarist Glenn Sharp, percussionist Leo Paredes, singer Diana Castro and saxophonist / flutist Matt Nickson.


Calaita Flamenco Son play a mix of authentic, traditional and contemporary flamenco. The material is mostly written by Chico and  his lyrics pull on his life experiences, growing up in Triana-Seville, as well as his travels throughout Europe. Glenn also writes for the band, bringing his virtuoso playing style to the fore. The diverse musical backgrounds in the band are evident, through world music, soul, jazz, funk, and of course flamenco. Calaita Flamenco Son have achieved their own individual style and bring a fresh new sound to the world music scene.  


Calaita are an exciting live band and have been busy performing for the past two years at clubs, festivals and concert halls. They have also recently performed a series of gigs in Andalucia.


Their self-titled debut album is now out on Riverboat Records and can be bought online from World Music Network.


Chico Pere

Chico Pere grew up in Triana, Seville in a family of flamenco musicians and singers. He worked with bands in Barcelona before touring Andalucia as a singer and percussionist with a group specialising in Sevillanas and Rumbas. Chico then studied Piano and Flamenco Guitar at the Jam Session Academy before completing his first album, ‘Son las cosas del buen Son’. Chico has been writing lyrics for 30 years and composing for 20 years, many of this compositions and lyrics hasn't seen the light yet.

Diana Castro

From Lanjarón, near Granada, Spain. Diana studied music at Granada University where she would start her career as a professional blues, jazz and soul singer. In 2007, she left Spain to go to Manchester, UK, where she met Chico Pere. Aswell as performing with Calaita, Diana is currently training in singing and music production at Salford Univeristy Diana was also the artistic co-ordinator of ‘Lanjarock’ festival in Spain for 2011.

Glenn Sharp

A session musician, composer and producer on the world music scene. Glenn specialises in flamenco and arabic music but has also composed for projects including Latin, Indian, African and ancient Roman music. He has studied traditional music worldwide, playing instruments including guitar, oud, saz, cumbus, bouzouki, lyre, cittern, charango, to mention a few. Recent composition work includes Ivor Novello award winning and Grammy nominated projects. Glenn currently plays guitar with ‘Calaita Flamenco Son’, ‘Hamsa’ and ‘Olcay Bayir’.

Matt Nickson

Matt is the founder of Matt and Phred's Jazz Club and the Manchester Jazz Festival and has been one of the main driving forces in North West jazz over the last 20 years. Matt has a huge sound on tenor, an equally full sound on flute and a flowing melodic playing style. Matt runs and plays in his own trio “crab” is a notable session player , vintage 78rpm DJ, a promoter  and runs Matt Nickson Music.

Leo Paredes

From Seville, specializes in Flamenco cajón, African Djembe and Arabic Darbuka. Leo started out as the percussionist in Seville studying and working with many musicians. After additional study in Senegal with Kulaty Cabo he was then asked to join Manchester’s West African group Tanate. A subtle and passionate player Leo has  an amazing  dynamic range and intensity of playing .